Kwai Asks Why

One of the real treats of the holidays in our home is being together at night, sitting by the fire and watching films. My wife and I are blessed to have thoughtful, insightful, and yes, opinionated children. All boys, they tend to gravitate to either Adam Sandler/Will Ferrell type comedies or action films, with a … Continue reading

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Hooraw for True Grit

True Grit proves that the Coen Brothers can not only adapt a beloved novel (see No Country for Old Men, Best Picture 2007), but can remake an Oscar-winning beloved film. Joel and Ethan Coen have teamed up with longtime collaborators Roger Deakins (cinematographer) and Carter Burwell (composer) to craft another rich and expertly structured film. John Wayne won his only Oscar portraying ‘Rooster Cogburn’ in the 1969 … Continue reading