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Atlas Shrugged: Part I a Timely Tale; Water for Elephants a Dry Hump

YEP – “‘Atlas Shrugged” is a liberation of the human spirit,” says John Aglialoro, the producer who purchased the influential and revered Ayn Rand novel in 1992, thinking it would be an easy sell to Hollywood. He was wrong. Nearly 20 years later, Rand’s ode to capitalism and personal liberty is finally available in celluloid, and after a tepid release last … Continue reading

A Good Read

Much to Learn from Lithgow’s An Actor’s Education

After yet another disappointing realization that a bookstore I had frequented over the years had suddenly evaporated, I broke down and purchased the Kindle. Gotta say….I love it. My first download purchase was based entirely on instinct. After clicking on the Kindle Store link and perusing the various lists, categories, and genres available, one title … Continue reading