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Cruise still an effective lead in Oblivion

YEP YEP – It’s The Matrix meets Planet of the Apes meets War of the Worlds; with a huge debt owed to 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars; and even, surprisingly, the small Sam Rockwell film, Moon.  So, if you liked all of those films you will love the new Tom Cruise sci-fi vehicle Oblivion.  We learn through opening narration that the year is 2077; and you … Continue reading


Siskel and Ebert

Once upon a time I raced home on Sunday evenings to turn on the television and watch a weekly program called Sneak Previews. Sneak Previews was a 30-minute conversation between two Chicago film critics, the late Gene Siskel and the late Roger Ebert. One was skinny. One was not. One was balding. One had hair. One wore … Continue reading