Exclusive LB Interview

Blessed with All the Right Stuff

There are only a handful of actors in Los Angeles who straddle the fence of television and stage work as gracefully and successfully as Scott Paulin. Paulin, 61, works steadily in episodic tv, most recently playing Stana Katic’s father, ‘Jim Beckett’ on ABC’s Castle. His television resume, acting and directing, totals nearly 100 credits, including series regular work on the … Continue reading


Lumet an Actor’s Director From the Start

Casting the hot-blooded Italian star Anna Magnani opposite the self-indulgent and brooding American icon Marlon Brando should not have worked. But it did. The Fugitive Kind (1960), the film adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ play Orpheus Descending, gave us one of Brando’s most underappreciated and nuanced performances. The love story that evolves between Brando and Magnani … Continue reading