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The Best Films of 2010

What a spectacularly memorable year 2010 was for films. Let’s get right to it, shall we? 1   The Social Network    Pretty sure no one imagined going in that a film this special could be made about facebook. Director David Fincher has separated himself from the pack and become the most capable and dynamic storyteller working in film today. He will … Continue reading


Indeed Zuckerberg’s Time (excerpts from)

In the wake of last night’s Golden Globes triumph of David Fincher’s The Social Network, here are a few highlights from the recent Time Magazine “Person of the Year” issue acknowledging facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. Time writer Lev Grossman: “Zuckerberg loves being around people. He didn’t build facebook to have a social life like the rest of us. … Continue reading

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Funky Bunch to Raging Bull, A Fighter has Arrived

Mark Wahlberg’s journey to the top has been unique to say the least. From Boston tough guy rapper turned underwear model, to an outstanding film arrival in Paul Thomas Anderson’s memorable and poignant Boogie Nights (1997), to becoming the driving force behind the HBO hit series Entourage, the actor has worked steadily and impressively for nearly … Continue reading