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No Mission Impossible For Cruise; Warrior Wins Despite Formula

Yep Yep – Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I’m down with Tom Cruise. Always have been. But I’m not immune to his clunkers. The last Mission Impossible, for instance, was not good. Barely held my attention.But I’m happy to report that IMF agent ‘Ethan Hunt’ is back in form in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, … Continue reading

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The Help Worthy the Hype; Cowboys and Aliens Misfires

YEP YEP – Social commentary films always run the risk of pandering or even worse, lecturing. The Help does a healthy bit of both, but it’s still a cinch to grab a handful of Oscar nominations, and they will be well-deserved. “Sometimes courage skips a generation,” says Allison Janney’s mother to Emma Stone. “Thanks for bringing it … Continue reading

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The Artist will Knock Your Socks Off; 7 Days in Utopia Safe and Sweet

INSPIRED – You won’t recognize either of the two leading actors. It’s entirely filmed in black and white. There is almost no audible dialogue and no identifiable villain. But The Artist works triumphantly, nonetheless, and you’ll kick yourself if you miss it on the big screen. Much like so many of Woody Allen’s films, I found … Continue reading