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Best Films of 2014

1  Birdman   Easily one of the most unique films in years. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s innovative concept brilliant – a love note to all artists. Keaton wins Oscar, as does the film. 2  Boyhood   Amazing accomplishment by a director who has stayed true to his storytelling sensibilities. Linklater wins Oscar. 3  Foxcatcher  Hypnotic, haunting, and heartbreaking. … Continue reading

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American Hustle breaks a sweat but not much else

NOPE – “People believe what they want to believe.” This is one of the overriding themes of David O. Russell’s heavily anticipated and aggressively marketed, star-studded American Hustle. Ironically, this statement now applies to Russell himself. He must have walked out of the editing room and told himself he was satisfied with the end result. He shouldn’t … Continue reading