Bringing macho back

Much has been written the past several years about the “Aussie Invasion” in Hollywood. Or was it the “Invasion of the Brits?” Regardless, both commentaries revolved around the same undeniable premise: that male American actors are getting kicked in the teeth by the mates from down under and the blokes from across the pond. This … Continue reading

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Spike Jonze is brilliant, just ask Her

INSPIRED – Spike Jonze’ new film, Her, is a mature film about an immature generation. If that sounds like an insult…sorry, Millennials. It’s not your fault. You are merely the cynical, complacent slippery slope bi-product of the Baby Boomers, who are merely the pampered, self-indulgent bi-product of the Greatest Generation, who are simply the inevitable slippery slope bi-product of … Continue reading