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McConaughey owns Club, but Buyers beware

YEP – It’s one of the oldest tricks in the actor playbook. Wanna be taken seriously? Lose (or gain) a ton of weight and then step back and let the shower of film critics’ accolades drench your scrawny (or bloated) frame. Personally, I’ve always thought Matthew McConaughey was a decent actor. Early films like Dazed and Confused, Lone Star, … Continue reading

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Bernie gets under your skin

INSPIRED – Bernie tells the true story of Bernie Tiede, a gentle caretaker who shot in cold blood a wealthy elderly woman whom he’d befriended, though the whole town of Carthage, Texas hated her. Bernie may seem part Christopher Guest mocumentary and part Errol Morris human interest fascination documentary, but  it is undoubtedly a Richard Linklater film of … Continue reading