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Inherent Vice not worth the investigation

NOPE – I guess every filmmaker deserves a mulligan. Paul Thomas Anderson has easily been the most critically acclaimed director of his generation. And for good reason. From Magnolia to Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood to The Master, his films have penetrated and probed like no other. I even loved his anxiety-fueled Punch-Drunk Love. This guy takes his films very seriously. Everything motivated. Nothing … Continue reading

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The Butler got hustled: 12 reasons why Lee Daniels’ film is superior

12   The Butler reminds us of how seamlessly our unique government – our republic – passes the torch from one administration to the next. American Hustle reminds us how important the script is to the film. Without a good one the actors may be left to creating their own dialogue – and actors, by and large, aren’t very … Continue reading

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American Hustle breaks a sweat but not much else

NOPE – “People believe what they want to believe.” This is one of the overriding themes of David O. Russell’s heavily anticipated and aggressively marketed, star-studded American Hustle. Ironically, this statement now applies to Russell himself. He must have walked out of the editing room and told himself he was satisfied with the end result. He shouldn’t … Continue reading