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Three best of ’16: Lobster, Lion, and Moonlight

It may sound like an exotic corporate safari, but no…these are the three films I recommend most you not leave off of your holiday watch list.

The Lobster is one of the most unique, downright bizarre films you are likely to ever see. In a dystopian society where being single is a capital crime, The Lobster lays out a bleak, but heartfelt, love story in an uncanny tonal and monochromatic visual style. Writer-Director Yorgos Lanthimos has my vote for the year’s finest achievement by a filmmaker.

the-lobster-660x350Lion is that rare cinematic journey that reduces you to an emotional puddle of equal parts joy and sadness. Based on the true story of a lost little boy who longs for home, if you only see one film this year, make it Lion. A lock for a Best Picture nomination, might just win.

Moonlight manages to say so much while its central character says so little. Look for Naomi e Harris to be singled out for an Oscar nomination in one of the most ego-less performances I’ve ever seen.

All three films were made by relatively unknown filmmakers. All three sustain a sure-handed tone and tempo, never wavering or veering off course.

All three films are beautifully cast. No major stars, just actors doing really exceptional work.

All three deserve to be acknowledged for their bold statements.

All three will be recognized by the Oscars – a very good indicator that smaller, more independent films are thriving in this new century.

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