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If you only see one movie this year…


lars logoINSPIRED…see Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. 

This is that rare film that you will  most likely go into knowing next to nothing about, have almost no familiarity with the cast, and will be left with an undeniable lump in your throat.

Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, known mostly for his work on the FX show American Horror Story, collaborated with Jesse Andrews to adapt Andrews’ novel of the same name into an utterly unique, coming-of-age film worthy of Oscar consideration.

me-earl-and-the-dying-girl-featured-imageAs the film initially unfolds and we are introduced to our protagonist (played beautifully by Thomas Mann), I was immediately reminded of the films of Wes Anderson. But that comparison fades quickly.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl pays repeated homage to Francois Truffaut’s 1959 The 400 Blows; but while that film chronicles the endless frustration of an adolescent boy who can’t seem to catch a break, this picture fixes its focus on a teenaged boy’s heartbreaking realization that falling in love can be brutally painful (yes…that was a warning).

But so worthwhile.

For it truly is better to have love and to have lost than to never have loved at all.

Do not miss this film.


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