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Jurassic World Takeover

lars logoYEP YEP – Jurassic World is undeniably entertaining.

It is also set to become the fastest film ever to reach $1B in global box office receipts.

It’s not a great film, but then neither were any of the first three. These films are spectacles more than anything. Events even. Achievements for sure. The cinematic evolution of CGI potential with just enough story to make you care about the characters.

And then there’s the dinosaurs. Bigger, badder, and louder each time out.

The chaos theme has remained a constant: Man should think twice before upsetting the delicate balance in nature.

As the scientist (played by Life of Pi’s Irrfan Khan) says “Man will only achieve true happiness when he realizes nature is out of his control.”

jurassic worldSo then, of course, as soon as the new park  (under the supervision of Brice Dallas Howard) prepares to announce its mind-boggling new main attraction, a massive hybrid carnivore they cooked up in the lab, all hell has to break loose. Hence the 3-D glasses!

Chris Pratt is a solid lead for the franchise moving forward. The rare actor who is able to strike the perfect balance between dramatic action, romance, and comedic zingers. Just in time, too. Robert Downey, Jr.’s smarm has grown tedious.

Directed by 38-year-old Colin Trevorrow, whose only film before this juggernaut was the underrated indie gem, Safety Not Guaranteed, Jurassic World has a couple of spectacular scenes, the most memorable involving a flock of menacing pterodactyls who “breach the aviary” and terrorize the sheep-like park guests. It’s a combination of Hitchcock’s The Birds and the wicked flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz.

Mostly what you will get here, though, is the usual stomping and chasing and shrieking that comes with dinosaur anarchy. This franchise has made that a genre unto itself.

Enjoy the ride.


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