A Lars List

Best Films of 2014

birdman 21  Birdman   Easily one of the most unique films in years. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s innovative concept brilliant – a love note to all artists. Keaton wins Oscar, as does the film.

2  Boyhood   Amazing accomplishment by a director who has stayed true to his storytelling sensibilities. Linklater wins Oscar.

foxcatcher3  Foxcatcher  Hypnotic, haunting, and heartbreaking. Any other year Carell would be the frontrunner for this great work. Ruffalo equally superb.

4  American Sniper  Finally a Clint Eastwood film I like. Cooper spot on as American hero Chris Kyle. So happy this film is raking in the lettuce.

5  Chef   Loved Favreau’s return to the scaled down indie world. Smart, funny, and very touching. So many reasons to admire this film – a real sleeper.

6  Fury  Intense, passionate, mystical, and beautifully shot. Director David Ayer is on a roll with this WWII tank brotherhood follow-up to End of Watch.

7  Nightcrawler  Very strong script to go with Jake Gyllenhaal’s best performance to date. This is an observant, powerful film with some keen how-to-get-ahead-in-business lessons for our young taxpayers.

8  The Theory of Everything  Well made, excellent performances from the two leads; but the conflicts are thin and Interstellarmelodrama wins out. Not quite My Left Foot…so not Redmayne’s year.

9  Interstellar  Christopher Nolan does not hold back. This is a bold, reach for the stars examination of our civilization. Solid. Anxious to see it again.

10  Gone Girl   Whacky film full of surprises. Fincher never ceases to amaze, always stepping in to new territory. Rosamund Pike wins the Oscar for her Basic Instinct coming out party.

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