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lars logoNOPE – Every so often I find myself going totally against the grain on a film garnering universal applause.

Whiplash is my new The Departed.

To make me sit through either of those two films again would be cruel and unusual punishment. So please don’t.

At least, unlike Martin Scorsese’s obnoxious cash-grab The Departed (2006), Whiplash does not stand a snowball’s chance of winning the Oscar for Best Picture.

whiplashJ.K. Simmons’ turn as the ruthlessly sadistic and abusive band teacher, however, is the hands down front-runner for Best Supporting Actor. Oh well. Not going to begrudge the journeyman character actor turned Farmer’s Insurance pitch man his moment in the sun. He has paid his dues…for what that’s worth. But…

Anger is easy for male actors. Yelling and screaming. Belittling. Seething. Strutting.

I vastly preferred Ed Norton’s narcissistic, multi-dimensional peacock performance in Birdman.

All I got on this one. It gave me whiplash looking at my watch waiting for it to end. Off I go to the chiropractor.

One thought on “Whiplash

  1. Thx so much for the heads up…so many I still need to see..will take this one off my list. Hope all went well at the chiropractor! lol

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