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Interstellar takes its time seriously

lars logoINSPIRED – Seems only appropriate to share my thoughts with you on Interstellar on the day a space probe was successfully landed and fixed to a speeding comet.

“This is a big step for civilization,” said ESA Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain. “We are the first to have accomplished this – and that will stay forever.”

He went on to thank the 20 European nations who cooperated within ESA (European Space Agency) on the decade long Rosetta mission.

So…what’s wrong with this picture?

Yep. No mention of the United States of America. We are still scrambling to explain the tragic crash of our shuttle last month in the Mojave Desert.

How times have changed.

Yet, ironically, the supremely gifted and endlessly curious filmmaker, Christopher Nolan, a Brit, still chooses the Hollywood dream factory and all of its innovative and technologically advanced studio toymakers to tell his stories of exploration and time “reality” analysis.Interstellar

Nolan, certainly no dummy, understands this sea change in NASA’s potency and reach, thus making it’s fading significance, if not outright decay, a substantial conflict point in his story. A story that revolves around a midwestern farmer’s resurrection of his previous intergalactic ambitions in order to not only save the human race, but connect with his daughter on a far more significant plane than merely parent-teacher conferences and agricultural dexterity.

If all of this seems like really heady stuff, don’t be discouraged. In terms of entertainment, Interstellar delivers a big bang for your buck. This is, after all, the same filmmaker who brought us the brilliantly acrobatic Memento and the dream intervention mindbender “WHOA! ~ You just got inceptioned!” Inception. 

Nolan makes films to satisfy his own curiosity of time and space and everything seen and unseen in between. Period.

With Interstellar, he lays out a variety of thought-provoking themes:

(1) Our survival instinct is our greatest source of inspiration.

(2) Man may have been born on earth but that doesn’t mean he has to die on it.

(3) Love transcends all. (And he means all)

(4) There is not only a fourth dimension out there but a fifth and once we can not only solve that but travel there (using a worm hole, of course), then we can come back and revisit our life – and push books off of shelves.

(5) Learn how to use Morse code or you’re up the creek without a paddle.

Matthew McConaughey is excellent in this film. Yet another star turn for the number one actor in Hollywood at present. Jessica Chastain is equally up to the assignment as his daughter left behind once he blasts off from earth. Anne Hathaway wears out her welcome like only Anne Hathaway can; don’t expect any singing – just a lot of weepy whining. Still, she doesn’t ruin the fun. Nolan fave, Michael Caine, is also along for the ride, lending credibility and strength to a somewhat thankless role.

This is a film worth seeing. It’s long, but then, how could it not be. It’s about gargantuan ideas. It’s Christopher Nolan.

Grip it and rip it.

Love transcends all.


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