Anson Mounts charge for Lacy

lars logoNot gonna lie. It’s been extremely difficult to stand by and watch veteran actor and close personal friend John Lacy’s reputation, professionalism, and homophobic heckling stance get pinballed from pillar to post.

But alas, my patience has been rewarded. Just as I thought I might have finally found the right words to send out on his behalf, along comes this from the impossibly handsome television actor Anson Mount:

Anson-Mount-Pictures18 (1)




2 thoughts on “Anson Mounts charge for Lacy

  1. Mr. Beckerman, I do not know John Lacy nearly as well as you do having spent only a little time with him and his family. But it does not take much time at all to recognize quality. Please let our mutual friend John know that there are those of us out there who have his back.

  2. You know him pretty well, Kelly. But I will still pass on your sentiments. I believe he is presently rescuing a handful of adorable (blind!) kittens from an enormous oak tree back behind Old Man Johnson’s farm. Once he returns from the ribbon cutting ceremony, I’ll share your post.

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