A Good Read

Another excerpt from ‘End of Days’

lars logoFrom James Swanson’s End of Days: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy:

“The Book Depository clock read 12:30 p.m.  Abraham Zapruder’s finger maintained constant pressure on his camera’s RUN switch, and he continued filming.

Through his telescopic sight, Oswald expected to see the evidence of his deed. But the president’s body displayed no reaction to being hit by the bullet. He did not recoil from the impact, slump in his seat, or even twitch.

Oswald had missed!

Not only did he fail to shoot Kennedy, he was not even close. He did not hit Jackie, who was sitting a few feet to the president’s left, nor did he hit Governor Connally, who was sitting in front of Kennedy. The shot was so off the mark it had even failed to hit the car, which, at this close range, was a huge target in Oswald’s scope”

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