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Searching for Sugar Man so sweet

lars logoINSPIRED – Yet again reminded that truth is often stranger than fiction.

Swedish filmmaker Malik Bandjelloul, on assignment from SVT (Swedish Television), went to Cape Town, South Africa in hopes of stumbling upon a story begging to be told.

Boy, did he hit pay dirt.

Bandjelloul waltzed in to a vintage vinyl shop in Cape Town and – lo and behold – owner Stephen “Sugar” Segerman eagerly shared with him a story he could hardly believe.

sugar manThe outcome of this chance meeting? Three years of tireless dedicated work in to researching and assembling the inexplicably brief career odyssey of an unknown Detroit folk singer from the early 1970s named Rodriguez. Work that would result in an Academy Award winning documentary called Searching for Sugar Man.

This is definitely one of those “SPOILER ALERT” films, so I will be brief in my praise, which is abundant.

The story is beyond captivating; the central character a Christ-like figure who you will never forget; the music/song writing is sublime; the arc of the journey spans over four decades and will leave you so thankful to now be aware of this incredible artist.

‘Nuff said.

Rent it immediately and settle in to the magical mystery tour of Rodriguez.

“These are the days of miracles and wonder.”

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