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Life of Pi must be seen to be believed

lars logoINSPIRED – This year the Academy should come up with a new award for the filmmaker best able to adapt an impossible piece of fiction in to an even more impossible film.

Yes, Life of Pi the film is even better than Yann Martel’s brilliant novel.

No, I did not expect that. In fact, as usual with heavily anticipated adaptations, quite the opposite.

life of pi 2If you have not read the book, is it still necessary? That’s a very tough question to answer. Normally, I would say “by all means.” In this case, director Ang Lee has done such a masterful job of making visual the words of Life of Pi that I almost have to recommend running straight to the theatre and diving in. Waiting too long would be a mistake. This is a special film.

The story: Pi Patel, a young boy growing up in India with a silly name, goes on a spiritual quest to find the right religion to guide him. His parents own a zoo which they are forced to sell and relocates them to Canada. En route to North America the Japanese freighter they are on capsizes in an unGodly (pun intended) storm leaving young Pi on a life boat with a wounded zebra, a maternal orangutan, an obnoxious hyena, and a majestic Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

That’s all yer gonna get from me. The less you know the better.

See it on a big screen – the bigger the better – even go 3D if the glasses don’t bum down your flow.

Life of Pi is a crowning achievement.

An emotional journey of self-discovery and survival.

“I lost my family! I lost everything! I surrender! What more do you want from me?”

Presbyterian. Lutheran. Catholic. Hindu. Muslim. Buddhist. Mormon.

Universal themes explored on a filmmaker’s canvas that has to be seen to be believed.

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