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Looper if you must

YEP – Looper is a time travel hit man futuristic sci-fi mind bender with a few big stars and just enough heart to make it worth your time.

Oh yeah, it’s also got probably the best performance you’re ever going to see from a four-year old.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays ‘Joe,’ a “looper” hired by the mob 30 years in the future to dispose of bodies in his present day, the year 2042.

It’s a pretty sweet gig; that is until the mob decides you are no longer necessary, then they send your future self back to your present self and you whack your hooded self. That is you whack your future hooded self, leaving your present unhooded self with a “30 year golden parachute” payday. “Loopers” are okay with it, cuz they like to party and now they’ve got a bunch of spare cash – or bricks of silver, remember this is a sci-fi flick – and 30 years to spend it.

Jeff Daniels gets the thankless job of playing the man sent back from the future to run the cartel of “loopers.” It’s a pretty sucky job. But he does get the best line in the film. When ‘Joe’ tells him his plans for retirement are to go to Paris, he instructs him “No, forget France. Trust me, I’m from the future. Go to China.”

Bruce Willis plays ‘Old Joe,’ and when his time is up to pay the fiddler, he don’t wanna go. You see ‘Old Joe’ took his boss’ advice and beat feet for Shanghai where he met himself a submissive Chinese woman who takes good care of him – and now he doesn’t want to live up to his end of the 30 year drop dead bargain.

So when ‘Old Joe’ time travels back courtesy of the mob to get whacked by ‘Joe,’ it just doesn’t go like it’s supposed to flow.

If all of this sounds like a bunch of rubbish and you’re wondering why your old pal Lars is recommending you see this film; well, mid-way through the picture the lovely Emily Blunt shows up on a farm wearing tight jeans and swinging a pick axe. Need I say more?
She looks after not only the farm, but the aforementioned four-year old boy who lives on the farm – and now is where I have to stop spilling the beans on the plot of this wannabe brain scrambler for fear of destroying the pay-off you paid to enjoy.
Written and directed by Rian Johnson, Looper isn’t all bad. It has some gratuitous Piper Perabo nudity and a couple of decent action sequences, but I would not advise wasting a night out on it. Wait until DVD and do your best to not expect anything close to Inception.

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