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Snow White and the Huntsman delivers

YEP YEP – Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest supermodel witch queen of them all? No, not Helen Mirren.

But a pretty good guess.

Charlize Theron is unmatched in today’s Hollywood when it comes to the unique combination of beauty and rage.

She laid it all on the table nearly a decade ago when she climbed into the skin of serial killer Aileen Wournos in Monster – and walked away with an Oscar for her transformative effort.

Last year she teamed up with director Jason Reitman to play one of the more unsympathetic screen heroines you will ever see in Young Adult.

So we can only imagine how excited Twilight tabloid star Kristen Stewart must have been when she learned her reps negotiated the lead role for her to star as Snow White opposite the formidable Theron’s Dark Queen Ravenna.

And there’s the rub, because the only real chink in the armor of this otherwise extremely well-crafted and realized fairy tale blockbuster (already $400m worldwide box office) is the oft maligned emotionless quality of Stewart. She’s not horrible in the role, just not pristine enough for the iconic exiled beauty?

I first noticed Stewart as the moody big sister in Jon Favreau’s under-appreciated Zathura. I immediately responded to her, but very much in the same way I respond to January Jones in Mad Men. There is something alluring about an icy, semi-detached woman on-screen who scowls rather than giggles. Not necessarily the way we grew up imagining Snow White, though.

Snow White and the Huntsman is impressive on many levels. It’s very well designed and shot. The costumes are rich. The musical score is right on. Director Rupert Sanders’ pacing is swift, and his casting pretty solid. Sam Spruell is particularly good as Ravenna’s subservient yet sinister brother.

Rent it on a Saturday night and enjoy it with a gigantic bowl of your favorite salty snack. But be warned that the dastardly South African cover girl known as Queen Theron may give your little ones night chills.

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