Society loses when these monsters win

How do they win? They win when a writer like me, who created a blog to discuss his love of film, feels compelled to waste a single word on them. They win when a guy like me who had been looking forward to a film from one of his favorite directors, had promised his sons they would see it on opening day, ends up going to the theatre with such a heavy heart for victims of a senseless tragedy. They win when a father like me has to explain to his youngest son, who is a veritable encyclopedia on weapons and military tactics, who is working towards his marksmanship certification, why the sport he has chosen is lumped into discussions about gun control legislation. They win when our ratings-driven media sensationalize and package their actions and their images into prime time exclusives and made for tv movies. They win when otherwise rational and logical people cannot differentiate between the deliberation and fate of someone convicted of murder under extenuating reasonable doubt circumstances, and the indisputable monster who knowingly wreaks havoc on innocent people and paralyzes society. I told myself I would give this monster in human form 200 words. I am at 198.

Capital punishment.

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