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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Annoying

NOPE – Somewhere inside the script for Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close lurks a film probably worth watching and subsequently reviewing. Not here.

What’s that, you say? How can I tear down a film with a premise centered around the 9-11 tragedy, starring Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, and Max von Sydow?


Most directors will tell you that casting is 90% of their challenge. Well, director Stephen Daldry would have been wise to have kept looking for his child protagonist, because young Thomas Horn was extremely shrill and incredibly exasperating.

I had a similar problem with Martin Scorsese’s multi Oscar-winning Hugo. Much to admire in that one, but the orphan kid, Asa Butterfield, was so obnoxious. I’d pay double ticket price to see Butterfield and Horn in the next Hunger Games film, but only if they are eliminated swiftly and with extreme prejudice.

I’m just thankful neither of these dopey kids were around when M. Night Shyamalan made The Sixth Sense.

Here’s a review if you’re still interested in suffering through this misfire. However, I’d strongly suggest a game of scrabble – or maybe a good movie. How about an obscure and overlooked film starring Robert DeNiro and Edward Norton, Stone?

2 thoughts on “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Annoying

  1. Lars, one film that I am WAITING for your review is Tim Burton’s new “Dark Shadows”. I loved, loved, loved, the soap opera when I was in grade & high school (yes, showing my age – it was so very campy then). I am interested to see what Burton will do with the series( into 2 hr. film) and especially how Depp will translate the role of Barnabas Collins. I’m not sure if this is of your type of film but I get such a kick out of the some dark comedies….ie., “The Trouble with Harry”& “Heathers” “Edward Scissorhands”, Anyway, Happy viewing….Terry

    • Can’t honestly say I’m all that excited about the latest Depp-Burton collaboration, Terry. Lost my taste for those two long ago. But who knows, it may surprise me. Probably one that I will wait for on DVD, tho. If you see it, be sure to let me know your thoughts, that may sway me.

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