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Cabin in the Woods No Walk in the Park

YEP YEP – It’s long been a genre I avoid like the plague. The five kids go into the woods and only one shall return genre. The “Don’t look behind that door!” what the hell was she doing going into the laundry room genre.

But…a few friends whom I trust…enough…strongly urged me to check out The Cabin in the Woods. When I learned it was co-written by Joss Whedon, I was all in. Have I ever told you all that I am a huuuuuuge Firefly fan? Well, I am a huge Firefly fan. So there ya go.

The Cabin in the Woods is definitely one of those films that you just can’t say too much about for fear of spoilage. So, I’ll be brief.

We all know the setup: Five attractive college co-eds venture into the woods for a weekend of frolicking and frivolity. There will be shenanigans aplenty, some silly, some sexy. There will be ghost stories and drinking. Drugs and dirty dancing.

And then there shall be mayhem!

It’s the mayhem that Whedon and his co-writer/director Drew Goddard dish up that separates this picture from the Scream, Friday the 13th, Freddie Krueger crowd.

The five youngsters who set out for this particular cabin in the woods had no idea what was in store. Sure, one was a “jock,” one was a “whore,” one was “book nerd,” one was a “stoner,” and one was a “virgin,” but that convenient contrivance never really crossed their thrill-seeking minds. They were just blowing off steam. Getting jiggy with it.

Not a clue of the master plan.

These poor kids never stood a chance against the imagination of the one and only Joss Whedon. For that matter, civilization doesn’t really stand a chance. Oh, wait. Did I just give something away? My bad.

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