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21 Jump Street Takes Low Road to Get Laughs

NOPE – I have a challenge for the screenwriters in Hollywood: Once your script has been bought and green lit into production, just before you submit your shooting draft, take a red pen through it and eliminate half of the profanities. Then, see if any of the studio execs or producers notice the sudden lack of eff bombs and below the waist body part references. If they don’t, trim out another 25% on the way to the first table read. You’ll sleep better, you can look your mom in the eyes, and your film might just snag a PG-13 rating and make an additional $75m a the box office.

Okay, I’m starting to sound like an old fart.

21 Jump Street isn’t nearly as bad as many of the other offenders of this genre, but it still shortchanges the intellect of its audience with about two dozen dick jokes and mother-eff bombs en route to a semi-amusing send up of both the buddy cop movie and a throwback tv show.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are okay, finding a decent enough chemistry to pull off the premise. Ice Cube is kind of funny as the self-aware “angry police chief.” But that’s about it for the cast. The villains are both flimsy. One is played by a James Franco look-alike named Dave Franco (James’ little bro), and the other played by the always obnoxious to the point of being unwatchable Rob Riggle. This guy makes Richard Grieco look like Sir John Gielgud.

Ironically, there is a cameo near the end of the picture that provides not only one of the more genuine moments in the story, but one of the best screen moments for this big time star in several years. Probably not what he intended, but…yo ho, yo ho, that’s how it go goes.

The further I am removed from watching this film, the more I am hating it and want my money and time back.

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