Who knew Madonna was from Tanzania?

A few observations from last night’s Golden Globes telecast:

Ricky Gervais was funnier last year, but he still had me grinning. Loved when he asked Johnny Depp if he had even seen The Tourist.

Speaking of Johnny Depp, his bio says he’s from Owensboro, Kentucky, not Bordeaux, France. Ditch the accent, Depp. It doesn’t make you sound smarter, just Deppier.

No shocker that the Hollywood Foreign Press voting body would love The Artist. The Oscars will too.

Also no shocker that the Hollywood Foreign Press would ignore Moneyball – the French know as much about baseball as we do about medieval art. The Oscars will not ignore Moneyball.

Just as the Germans love David Hasselhoff, the French love George Clooney. Ok, I guess everybody pretty much loves “the Cloonmeister” (although I’m not sure I wanna golf with him!)  – but make no mistake, the Oscar will go to Pitt. Clooney may not even be nominated. The Descendants is a very forgettable film.

Giving Iran the Globe for Best Foreign Film was about as predictable as whether or not they would return our spy drone.

Angelina Jolie is scary skinny. That girl is getting interrupted while eating too often.

Nicole Kidman looked surprisingly healthy and unaltered. Perhaps someone told her The Wax Museum look was out?

Sidney Poitier was his usual graceful self. What a thrill for Morgan Freeman to receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award from Poitier.

Helen Mirren somehow managed to make her tribute to Morgan Freeman all about her. I still find it odd that she’s married to director Taylor Hackford. Seems she should be married to, oh I don’t know, Sir John Gielgud…or James Mason. Alfred Hitchcock?

I’m guessing Pepsi is paying Sofia Vergara a boat load of cabbage. Hard to calculate who got more face time during the telecast last night, Vergara or the Latin actress from Modern Family. I forget her name. Begins with a “V.”

Shows I need to give a look: Homeland, Game of Thrones, and Boss.

Mark Wahlberg takes low-key to new heights. Or depths, depending on how you look at it.

Peter Dinklage has been doing consistently solid work on-screen since I first saw him in the oft overlooked Living In Oblivion. Haven’t seen it? You’ll thank me.

Madonna was born in Bay City, Michigan. But she did grow up in New York, so I guess it’s possible in that uprooting she would now sound as though she was from Tanzania. However, if you play her moments in super slow mo you would almost think she’s from Uranus.

2 thoughts on “Who knew Madonna was from Tanzania?

  1. Loved the Globes recap.. Glad to know Im not the only one over Sofias face time, Madonna’s accent (she was British last I heard her speak) and “what the hell are they thinking Clooney/ Decendants over Pitt/ Moneyball…not even in the same ballpark. As for the emaciated Angelina….tho beautiful, she would look a whole lot better if she took that big fat stick out of her ass. Brad, hold onto your cane…if it suddenly goes missing at least you’ll know where to look!

    • Pretty sure ol’ Brad knows better than to threaten Angelina Salt with any thing. My moneyball says she would whoop him – his Fight Club days are behind him.

      Thanks for reading, Sarah!!!!

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