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ALAS! A Lars Ranking System to Guide You

I launched this blog on October 6, 2010 with a review of The Town.  My modest mission?  Bringing my love for films, old and new, to friends, family, and friends of family and their family’s friends.

Well, 75 posts later, mostly reviews – but some features, exclusive interviews, and book write-ups as well – I am now introducing a scoring system that I’m confident will help my readers make sound judgements when choosing which films deserve not only their hard-earned capital but their valuable time.

The rankings will post as follows:

5  INSPIRED  –  Reserved for those special “must see” films that work on all levels.

4  YEP YEP  –  Well worth seeing.

3  YEP  –  Mostly hit its target – or – a safe bet for the genre.

2  NOPE  –  Don’t bother unless there’s absolutely nothing else to see.

1  DRIVEL  –  The opposite of ‘Inspired’ without simply calling it ‘Uninspired.’

So, for example, The Town would have been ranked an enthusiastic ‘Yep Yep, while the Oscar winning The King’s Speech and the runner up The Social Network would’ve achieved ‘Inspired’ status. My recent experience watching Tom Hanks in Larry Crowne would have resulted in a ‘Drivel’  post. This year’s Drive starring Ryan Gosling? Too much talent on display to earn a ‘Drivel,but still worthy of a big fat ‘Nope.Upon second viewing, Captain America: The First Avenger gets a simple ‘Yep.

So there it is. I hope it’s a ranking system that serves my readers.

I would greatly appreciate any comments or feedback as we roll through the holidays and approach next year’s Academy Awards. Just as I love to recommend and turn people on to films they might not have otherwise seen, I am eager to learn from my readers which films they are enjoying (or not), discovering, revisiting, or even making.

Please take a moment to “Like” when you like, and maybe even “Share” when you care. If you dare. So there.

A special “Thank you!” is in order here.

This blog would not exist if it were not for the persistent urging and encouragement from my good friend and old roommate, Clark Vautier. Every venture, business or otherwise, takes a village, and Clark has not only been my blogging mentor but my ceaseless supporter and ally – always challenging me to grow the blog, steer more traffic, and sharpen my vision. Clark is an exceptional marketing consultant, and without him Lars Beckerman would be just another loud mouth guy at Starbucks squawking about movies and the folks that make ’em.

Thank you, Clark. You have made a difference in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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