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Toy Story 3 Has a Friend In Me

‘Woody’ and ‘Buzz’ are back and they’re exactly as we left them. John Lasseter and Pixar Animation Studios brought us the original Toy Story in 1995. It seems like only yesterday that we met Tom Hanks’ ‘Woody’ and Tim Allen’s ‘Buzz Lightyear.’ Although, to be honest, those were simpler times. The internet was not omnipresent, cellphones were not yet … Continue reading

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Tarantino’s Romance Better than his Pulp

I’m in the extreme minority here by declaring that I prefer Jackie Brown to Pulp Fiction. For all of Tarantino’s amazingly unique dialogue, riddled with amusing and surprising pop culture references, lines that double back on each other, alternately setting unnerving tension amidst whimsical banter, I find that Tarantino the hopeless romantic is Tarantino at … Continue reading