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Fury rolls with Divine force

INSPIRED – “Ideals are peaceful, ” Brad Pitt’s Don “Wardaddy” Collier tells his new young gunner, Norman. “History is violent.” Writer-director David Ayer has followed up his exceptional Los Angeles cop on the street beat End of Watch with an even more impressive hard-hitting film that is sure to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. Might even win. … Continue reading

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Guardians of the Galaxy lightning in a bottle

YEP YEP – A lot of jobs would be salvaged and careers launched if only Hollywood studio execs and development heads could ever solve the unpredictable and elusive formula for casting chemistry. Could anyone have really predicted that a moderately well-known television actor (Parks and Rec’s Chris Pratt) could lead a gang of misfits consisting of a … Continue reading

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A Most Wanted Man left longing for thrills

NOPE – Man, did I want to like this movie. But… A Man Most Wanted makes the Oscar-winning German slow burn surveillance film The Lives of Others look like Raiders of the Lost Ark. If you have not seen The Lives of Others, I strongly recommend staying home and “renting” it rather than dropping your hard-earned lettuce on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s … Continue reading